My photos are from July 31, 2015 and September 15, 2011. The are a series looking at the east side of North Broadway, north to south, from Morsemere Avenue to Glenwood Avenue.

The series continues from a south-to-north series looking at the west side of North Broadway from Glenwood Avenue to Greenvale Avenue.

This Part 11 brings us down to the south corner with Lake Avenue.

400 North Broadway, "Green Gables," at the south corner with Lake Avenue, was built in 1910. It was the home of Arthur Land, carpet mill executive and bank director, and Arthur's son, Arthur Harold Land, concert baritone and singing instructor.

1. 2015.

2. 2015.

3. October 2013.

4. October 2013. Lake Avenue side.

5. Tax photo, 1954.

Arthur Land

Here's a picture and brief bio of Arthur. Later articles imply that he accumulated a good amount of personal wealth, presumably in Alexander Smith stock. As a child, he had emigrated from England with his family, and in his early years at the carpet mill -- he started as a clerk and then moved up the corporate ladder -- he was friends with fellow millworker John Masefield, the future Poet Laureate.

6a. Herald Statesman, Mar. 7, 1933.

6b. New York Post, Nov. 21, 1933. Obituary.

7. Herald Statesman, Dec. 12, 1935. The socially active Mrs. Arthur Land.

Harold Land

8a. Musical Courier, Sept. 11, 1919. The son, Arthur Harold Land, went by his middle name. Here's an early photo. In the 'teens and  '20s, Harold Land went on many concert tours, attempting to build his career.

8b. Musical Courier, Sept. 14, 1919.

9. Musical Courier, Nov. 6, 1919.

"The Bedouin Love Song" on YouTube. (Egads.)
"At Dawning" on YouTube. (Not even Paul Robeson can save this one.)

10. Musical America, Feb. 14, 1920. Ad for Maine tour.

11. Musical America, Mar. 20, 1920. In Maine.

12. Musical Courier, Dec. 2, 1920. Review snippets.

13. This postcard is postmarked 1941, but the car seems to be from about 1930, so presumably we can date the postcard and the big tour mentioned in its caption to that time.

14. Statesman, Sept. 14, 1915. Harold Land also gave singing lessons at his studio in Green Gables.

15. Herald Statesman, June 7, 1947. Lessons became his major day-to-day occupation after his touring wound down.

16. Oct. 22, 1926. In the mid-'20s Harold Land accepted a regular assignment as baritone soloist at St. Thomas Episcopal Church on 5th Avenue at 53rd Street, a position he held for 17 years.

17. St. Thomas Episcopal Church, today, May 14, 2017.

18. Harold Land was friends with Yonkers sculptor Isidore Konti, who made this bust in 1930.

19. Statesman, Feb. 5, 1931. Arthur Land was a congregant and major supporter of St. Andrew's Church on Morris Street. Harold Land is among the participants pictured in this photo from a musical benefit for St. Andrew's.

20. Herald Statesman, Dec. 18, 1950. Celebrating the 40th birthday of the house, Green Gables.

21. Herald Statesman, Aug. 11, 1955. Two month vacation in England, via Cunard.

22. Herald Statesman, June 12, 1957. Harold Land married for the first time in 1957.

23. Herald Statesman, May 8, 1959. It ended in divorce. He called her a "conniving golddigger" and complained when she blew $28 in just one trip to the supermarket. She said he tried to clobber her with a telephone. He said he never hit her -- i.e., he missed?

24. Herald Statesman, Jan. 2, 1960. There was a second and more lasting marriage in 1960.

25. Herald Statesman, Aug. 29, 1961. Celebrating his 70th birthday. He lives for almost another 20 years.

26. Herald Statesman, Aug. 4, 1981. Obituary.

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